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Parents/Guardians: Please come join us for family day on Thursday, November 30th at 8am. You will have the opportunity to follow your child's schedule and speak with their teachers. We will also have a Literacy workshop at 9am and the PTO meeting will immediately follow.

NJHS Leadership at Sojourner Truth Middle School

Leadership is a sought after quality that is hard to define and even more difficult to quantify. Generally, people know worldwide what leadership looks like, because it is through leadership that human activity is directed to create, produce, build, achieve, and innovate. Even great leaders had small beginnings. Here at Truth, within NJHS, student leadership will emerge through service to the community and beyond. 


Favorite Subject(s):

Future Career:

Activities and Interests:

In one sentence, define what leadership means:

    Vice President


Favorite Subject(s)History and Science

Future Career: Family Marriage Therapist

Activities and InterestsDrama Club, World News, Music

In one sentence, define what citizenship means: When you help others and seek nothing in return you show good citizenship.



Favorite Subject(s): Science, Music, Art, and Physical Education

Future Career: Doctor or Nurse

Activities and Interests: Reading, Writing, Music, Playing Guitar and Piano

In one sentence, define what scholarship means: Honors and being the best you can be.



Favorite Subject(s): Language Arts

Future CareerSinger, Lawyer

Activities and InterestsSinging, Reading

In one sentence, define what character means: be true to yourself and who your are as a person.



Favorite Subject(s): Language Arts

Future Career: Pediatrician, and part time Writer

Activities and Interests: Reading, Writing, Singing, Swimming, and Fashion Club

In one sentence, define what scholarship means: not just knowing you have the ability to succeed but doing great things and taking the risks to get there.

  Gregory Jenkins


Favorite Subject(s): History, English

Activities and Interests: Traveling, Boating, Reading, Skiing, Biking, and Music.

In one sentence, define what service means: Service offers us the power of stewardship. It is this stance toward service that enables us to create and leave a shining future for our children and our children’s children.