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September 2017
To:      All Parents and/or Guardians
From:  Dr. Monica D. Burton
Re:       Emergency Procedures
Sojourner Truth Middle School has updated its Emergency Response Plan that is designed to minimize danger to anyone occupying our school should an emergency occur.  The main objective of the plan is to attend to the health and welfare of children in the event of a crisis while at school or going to or from school.
 While it is impossible to foresee all the potential emergencies, we have researched the most effective way to use our resources to respond immediately to any emergencies.
We ask you to follow this procedure if you hear rumors of any school emergency:
  • Turn on your radio or television.  We will keep the media accurately informed of an emergency.  Also, you may check the school district’s website and Channel 34.
  • Please do not telephone the school.  We have limited phone lines.  These lines MUST be used to respond to the emergency.
  • Please do not come to school unless requested to pick up your child at the school.  Emergency vehicles and disaster workers must be able to get to the building.
If the emergency necessitates relocation of staff and students, please follow these instructions:
  • If for any reason your child’s campus must be evacuated during regular school hours, your child will be taken to and cared for at an alternative site listed below.
  • Stay tuned to the radio and television stations for updated, accurate reports and information provided by the school district administration about when, where, and how to pick up your child.  Also, the school district’s website may be accessed for additional information.
  • Bring government photo ID when picking up your child.
Emergency Locations:
  • Evacuation Site – Robeson Stadium
  • Inclement Weather – Campus High School (Alternative Site – STEM)
The terms that your family needs to be familiar with are:
1. Evacuation-The students are familiar with the evacuation procedures. Our primary site is Robeson Stadium, during inclement weather we evacuate to the Campus High School Gym. Our secondary site is STEM.
2. Shelter in Place-Shelter in place is when some classes may be moved to different location. For example, the music room flooded. Therefore; Mr. Sieira’s music class is being held in Room 217 temporarily.
3. Lockdown-During a lockdown, the students remain in their locked classroom. The lights are shut and the students move away from the doors and windows. There must be absolute silence during a lockdown.
4. Reverse Evacuation-a reverse evacuation protocol is used to rapidly and safely move students and staff inside a facility when it would be dangerous to remain outside. A reverse evacuation may occur when the students are outside for physical education or lunchtime recess.
5. All clear-All clear means to resume normal activity.
I urge to speak to your child about this terminology. It is crucial that we work together to ensure the safety of everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Monica D. Burton, Ph.D.