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Parents/Guardians: Please come join us for family day on Thursday, November 30th at 8am. You will have the opportunity to follow your child's schedule and speak with their teachers. We will also have a Literacy workshop at 9am and the PTO meeting will immediately follow.


P.O. Box 832
Clifton, NJ 07015
T (800) 979-1495
F (877) 885-8483

Who Are We?

UNIVERSE KONADU LLC is an evolutionary global mentoring company dedicated to empowering girls and women worldwide through literary, visual and performing arts, with an emphasis on self-love, education, community and economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. We offer a methodology, unlike any other, successfully tracking the development of participants from as young as seven years old through adolescence, and well into adulthood. From arts and culture enrichment to enhancing social capital, we have created evolutionary programs and services strategically designed to produce ripple effects in the lives of our participants, impacting their peers, families and communities for a lifetime.


As an avid lover of both the arts and people, Universe Konadu – President and Founder, had often envisioned creating a company that would change the face of “corporate” America so it would look more like “collective” America, or “community” America, much like her grandparent’s parents remembered it. A company built on integrity and strong principles where family and community were priority, and people felt valued, valuable, and indispensable. A company people would genuinely enjoy being a part of knowing they had the opportunity to make a difference, everyday, in their own life, as well as the lives of those around them, while being exactly who they are, and doing exactly what they love; a company that she now calls, UNIVERSE KONADU LLC, Empowering Girls and Women Worldwide. Universe Konadu is an internationally renowned published author, award-winning slam/performance poet, motivational speaker, orator, life coach, educator, community leader and philanthropist.



Empower Her! Empower Him! is an in-school/after-school program designed to compliment students' academic studies, offer life skills training, and assist students in their personal development. Through literary, visual and performing arts, we also help create a platform for participants to discover, and uncover, their hidden talents, encouraging them to channel their energy into something positive and productive, taking responsibility for their own future. Each program year is centered on our Rites of Passage curriculum, which concludes with a graduation ceremony that parents and community members are invited to join. The Rites of Passage curriculum is specifically designed to address the overwhelming need for spiritual, cultural and social development in young people. All in-school/after-school participants are granted free access to ongoing mentoring through our online mentoring program, even after their school year has ended! Participants are also offered several incentives to encourage them to age-out of the program. In addition, intervention and preventative methods are offered through our “Bully-Proof” curriculum to help address the rapidly growing bullying epidemic.


Some of Our In-School/After-School Program Experience

East Orange School District (East Orange, NJ)

Cicely Tyson School of Performing and Fine Arts (East Orange, NJ)

I.S. 364 (Brooklyn, NY)

High School for Global Citizenship (Brooklyn, NY)

High School for Sports Management (Brooklyn, NY)

J.J. McMillan Elementary School (Dallas, TX)

Irvin Elementary School (Dallas, TX)

Elisa M. Pease Elementary School (Dallas, TX)

Health Magnet for Pregnant Teens (Dallas, TX)

T.W. Browne Middle School (Dallas, TX)

H Grady Spruce High School (Dallas, TX)

North Dallas High School (Dallas, TX)

South Oak Cliff High School (Dallas, TX)

James Madison High School (Dallas, TX)

Lincoln High School (Dallas, TX)

Justin F. Kimball High School (Dallas, TX)

Austin Middle School (Irving, TX)

J.J.S. Senior Secondary School (Ghana, West Africa)

Poly Tech Institute (Ghana, West Africa)