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Parents/Guardians: Please come join us for family day on Thursday, November 30th at 8am. You will have the opportunity to follow your child's schedule and speak with their teachers. We will also have a Literacy workshop at 9am and the PTO meeting will immediately follow.

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Review

·     Within this past year, Legislature passed one of the toughest Anti-Bullying Law in the country. This law went into effect September 1, 2011 in time for the beginning of this school year. Each school district including East Orange must now how a policy prohibiting Harassment,  Intimidation, Bullying.

·      Following the directive of the law, The East Orange School District now has an Anti Bully Coordinator (Ms. Michele Murchison) appointed by the superintendent. The Coordinator will be working with the schools to help implement the policy and provide age appropriate instruction focusing on preventing HIB.

·     Every school has an appointed Ant-Bulling specialist(Ms. Gibson) who will lead the investigation of HIB incidents in the school and provide educational support to staffs. The specialist will also provide parent education. I am our school Ant-bulling specialist. My contact information is available on the school’s website. Email address:

·      Each school is required to have a School Safety Team to develop, foster and maintain a positive school climate. This team shall consist of the principal, assistant principal, anti bulling specialist, teachers, parents and other members to be determined by the principal.

·         Our present Code of Conduct has been expanded to include HIB.

·        As the year progress our students will be educated about how to prevent and respond to bulling in the school starting with the “Week of Respect” the first week in October