Truth Middle School Home PageTruth Middle School
Congratulations to the Class of 2017! The Promotional Exercise  will take place June 16 At Campus High School Gymnasiun

School Personnel        

Administrators                                                     Office Staff
Dr. Burton, Principal                                    Ms. Caban, Head Secretary

Dr. Azard, Assistant Principal                      Ms. Smith, Assistant Secretary


Support Staff                                                          Child Study Team
 Mrs. Gibson, Social Worker                                      Mrs. Horton, Social Worker            
 Mr. McDaniel, Attendance Officer                 Ms. Smith, Social Worker

Marion Bell, School Disciplinarian                            Ms. Magilario, LDTC

Ms. Roberta Leveson, School Counselor


Custodians                                                              Security

Mr. Toe Head Custodian                                     Mr. McGainey

Ms. Nowell                                                           Ms. Green

Mr. Steven                                                           Ms. Thomas

Mr. Crutcher



Coaches                                                          Special Education Teacher

Ms. Willoughby, Math Coach                                  Ms. Fuchini

Ms. Abdul-Zahir, Literacy Coach                             Ms. Waller

                                                                                 Ms. Blanco

                                                                                 Mrs. Anyeale

                                                                                  Mr. Etim
                                                                                  Mrs. Ogwumike
                                                                                  Ms. Brooks-Bey       

English Teachers                                                  Math Teachers

Dr. Tonuzi                                                               Mr. Donat

Mr. Giatto                                                                Mr. Nwafor

Ms. Barnave                                                           Mrs. McCrary

Mrs. James                                                             Mr. Agyei

Ms. Ok                                                                     Mr. Hobbs

                                                                                 Ms. Shahade


Science                                                                  Social Studies

Dr. Foley                                                                Ms. Patterson

Dr. Tinglin-Jarrett                                                   Mr. Laird

Mr. Tanis                                                                Mr. Riley

                                                                               Mr. Rosenbaum                                                                                                         


Ms. Casseus

Mr. Alexandre

Physical Education/Swimming/Health

Mr. Spence

Mr. Kessaris

Mr. Brill

Ms. Soloviev

Mr. Strong

Ms. Landon

Mr. Troast

Cycle Subject Teachers

Ms. Ransom-Music

Ms. Gines-Spanish

Ms. Twomey-Art
​Mr. Cajuste- Lead Technology Teacher
Ms. Oglesby- Technology